Thursday, 27 September 2012

Sorrento Holiday

We have just returned from a wonderful holiday in Sorrento.
I have been busy making some layouts for my photobook, and thought I would show you a few
 Beautiful views of the Sorrento  coastline and harbour
This layout has photos of the shop displays, as you can see Lemons are very much a part of Sorrento, they sell fresh lemons also make beautiful Soaps and the Lemoncello liqueur can be tasted in most shops.
Not surprising being in Italy stunning displays of Pasta for you to buy
Not a restful holiday there is so much to see in this area of Italy
 One of my favourite days out was to Pompaii , this was just amazing we had a tour guide that took you around for two hours, he showed us all the places of interest explaining how Pompaii was covered by Ash, how it was rediscovered , how the Baths were used  , all about the forum, how they had drains etc nothing was left out, as well as a few jokes along the way that had pour small group laughing so much

Capri is so beautiful.
You can see why the rich and famous choose it as a holiday destination, It is also full of those designer shops, well out of my price range

 The Amalfi Coast Drive
This is just stunning , a cliff top winding road with the most beautiful views around every turn leading to some of the most prettiest villages all perched on the cliff tops, such a joy to see

 This is the church in Amalfi, these photos do not do it justice

 What can I say about Positano.
It is one of the most photographed village in the world , all the little white villas clinging to the mountain just beautiful.
we stopped at the other side of the village on top of the valley , with the views of the harbour and other side of the hill, it was tranquil to just sit and take in the beauty, before walking down into the village.
Not such an easy walk to come back up to the top to come home again LOL

So very different from Pompaii, much smaller in size as 60% is still buried under the new city undiscovered.
It is all beautifully preserved, you can see the original wood, and all the wall painting and floor mosaics are so clear and you can see all the fine detail, amazing

We enjoyed our visit to this part of Italy very much, This is just a small selection of about 800 photos that we took over 10 days, If you get the change to visit you must go, such a different holiday, sunshine and so much to see all within a few miles.
The beauty and friendliness of Sorrento will stay in my heart for Ever
Jeff and I enjoying a meal at one of our favourite and most beautiful restaurants  in Sorrento, it is set in a garden with flowers and lemon tree everywhere you look, the food was wonderful