Sunday, 21 August 2011

Nap Time

As you can see been playing again with some of my favourite photos.
Above is again of Keaton taken last weekend, Just love the look of pure happiness on his face as he get the hang of using his scooter

This one if of my son Kyle and Keaton taken a few months ago, they had been playing all afternoon.
I am not sure who wore who out
Thanks for looking

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Sand Pit Fun

Second one today 
Again its my little model,( better watch out he might start charging me),This was taken a few weeks ago in the spring in that sunny week that was our summer 
He had the sand pit for his birthday and not had much chance to use it thanks to all the rain we have during his visits

Scooter Fun

This is two year old Keaton learning to ride his new Scooter, He soon got the hang of it after a few goes.
As you can see by his thumbs up sign n the top photo