Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Cameron`s Swing time

 Two layouts of Grandson Cameron.
The first I did some blending and fading with the main photo, then it was added to a frame and I tucked some beautiful flowers behind it
The second I had a play with some of the Artist frames, love these as all the work is done for you, just love the faded look it gives the photo

Keaton`s day out at Penarth

 A double page spread to remember our day out at Penarth
I took a photo of the pebble beach, I took this into craft artist and faded it to turn into a background.
I then enlarged and cropped a photo of the pier, this I then faded and added to the top of the page.
I took the photos turned them into frames cropped until I was happy with them , then i feathered the edges of each photo before arranging on my layout
This one has the pier removed again I have turned the photos into frames and feathered the edges.
I then added text to a tag to remind us of our day on the pier