Tuesday, 19 July 2011

I Can swim

Keaton having his first taste of swimming with his new freds swim trainer.
We were taking a weekend break at Bucklegrove.
Keaton spent and hour or more in the pool everyday
This is how he looked after we took him out of the pool
He kept crying for more wimming
I wanna go wimming he kept on saying



Poppet said...

Great LO Wendy, love the colours and papers. It's great that Keaton like wimming, some children are afraid of the water. :-) xx

Shoshi said...

Having seen the photos in their original state, it's lovely to see what a great layout you've done with them, Wendy! They are all adorable pics, and the tearful "I wanna go wimming" ones are enough to melt your heart! What a photogenic little chap he is - he's just gorgeous! Thanks for your comment on my blog - glad you liked my card.